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Zeta era Bytes: How many bytes per zeta bytes, how will it affect us?

Since its emergence, it has been developing very fast and very fast. Traffic or so-called Travik increases alarmingly every day, thanks to an increase in the number of users and devices connected to the network. Each video, e-mail, image or voice is responsible for increasing traffic; according to Cisco, the network traffic will reach 3.3 zeitbee per year in 2021. But what is ZetaBit?
In 1981 Bill Gates said no one would need more than 640 kilobytes of memory on his own computer. Over the years it has become clear that this statement is not wrong, but it is still a sign and acknowledgment that no one has any idea what will happen in the computer market and the Internet world. Today we are surrounded by digital empires that seem indestructible. They gain more users, more devices, and more services. All this translates into data, which in turn must be transferred, processed and stored.
This huge amount of data has made companies accelerate the development of the storage battery, which is now measured by new platforms that are no longer limited to gigabytes or even terabytes, but new storage properties have emerged, including Zeta bytes, and in the picture below you will see the size of this capacity compared to other speeds.
Cisco published a series of expectations very interesting. In 2021 it is estimated that there will be more than 27.1 billion calls from more than 4.6 billion users around the world. The volume of traffic will reach 3.3 zeitabit per year, which leads us to the question: What is Zeta Byte?
 Zeta Bytes is a unit of measurement for the storage capacity of a computer memory and is marked with a "ZB" and is a two-digit Betabyte or Skelion (number 1 and on his right is 21 zero) bytes or as many prefer, 10 ^ 21.

To make it easy for you to imagine the size of this unit, storing 1 zeta would require about 83 million hard drives with a capacity of 12 terabytes. And 1 Zeta Bytes you can store a high-quality video of about 36 million years.

Zeta era Bytes: How many bytes per zeta bytes, how will it affect us? Zeta era Bytes: How many bytes per zeta bytes, how will it affect us? Reviewed by HM gamer on يونيو 17, 2017 Rating: 5

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