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Microsoft unveils new version of Windows 10 Chinese government

Everyone knows that China is very strict on the issue of censorship, and that is why it becomes alarmed when it comes to adapting and using foreign technologies.

China has banned the Microsoft Windows operating system on government computers in 2014 under its concerns about security and US surveillance. Even after that, China was developing its own version of the Windows operating system.

To address this issue and target the world's largest market, Microsoft chief executive for Greater China said last year that the company was working on the Chinese version of Windows 10 which included "more administrative and security controls" and some useless features were deleted.

Now, Microsoft has just announced a new version of Windows 10, which is now ready to use by Chinese government agencies. In the Microsoft event held in Shanghai on Wednesday, where the latter announced a version of Windows 10 designed specifically for the Chinese government, the operating system is based on Windows 10 Enterprise Edition (Windows 10 Entreprise Edition).
· Designed to work with Chinese encryption algorithms:
Microsoft enables the Chinese government to use its own encrypted algorithms in the Chinese government's Windows 10 version to secure and provide maximum protection for its data.

· Allows removal of unwanted applications:
The Chinese version of Windows 10 does not allow Chinese government employees access to features they do not need, such as Microsoft OneDrive, which allows people to store their documents and files in Microsoft-controlled data centers.

Apparently, Chinese officials do not want anyone to access their own data, so they will keep the latter locked on their computers in an attempt to take full control of them.

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