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Learn about this site from which you can download premium free download sites

Sometimes you may want to load, whether music or games or movie file, but you find a problem in the sites that are lifted file on them, which are often annoying, where asking you to wait for 10 seconds, and then enter the verification code, and when you press Download link pops 5 new windows are all a ads, as you also select the download speed, so for your payment to buy a paid membership site to get rid of these problems and download freely without restriction in the download speed, but in this post I'm going with you a great way he used personally to download files from the download sites without a direct link in the limited population Ah like you are registered with a paid membership free of charge.
We will adopt in this way on a special site called prem.link where this site giving you a direct link to any file quickly upload unlimited as if you bought a paid membership to those sites, which supports the site more than 50 different predominantly sites site known like 4shared and uploaded and uptobox and many sites other, and simple way use very in terms of what you need to do is the only access to the site and register it through the link at the bottom of the post, and do not forget to activate the email you registered with, then return to the main page of the site, and enter a file that link you want to upload and then press the Generate Link Sleeve button It is shown in the picture.
You will see the name and size of your file. Click on it to start uploading.
Before that, the site will go to a short link and the method of the site to earn profits, after skipping the site will show you the download button in blue Click to download it in order to start loading and you will notice that the file loads quickly full Internet.
As a last note, the site allows unlimited uploads of up to 10 GB as you consume it completely Create a new account will get 10 GB again, and the site supports some of the paid porn sites I am not the author of this post, nor the blog of Houhou Informatics We are responsible for using the site in the download videos Of these sites.
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